Interesting Hardware
  • externer Link PM-SDR low-cost, DDS-less "software defined radio" full coverage receiver for all HF bands
  • externer Link FiFi-SDR low-cost, Si570 based SDR with optional on-board USB sound card
  • externer Link FUNcube Dongle low-cost SDR with on-board USB sound card for 64 to 1700 MHz

Interesting Software
  • externer Link GNU Radio Toolkit providing signal processing blocks for software defined radios
  • externer Link gr-fcdproplus GNU Radio source block for the FUNcube Dongle Pro+
  • externer Link Quisk flexible software defined radio for Linux and Windows written in C and Python
  • externer Link Gqrx SDR receiver using GNU Radio and Qt
  • externer Link SDR-Shell software defined radio GUI written in Qt

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